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DSUK Companion News - Issue 7 July 2020

The original expectation was that we would be locked down for 3 months and that after that period things would quickly get back to normal.

How wrong could we be? Having suspended publication of the printed magazine for 3 months we will do it again for another 3 months. Which mean until the end of September.

We will continue publishing the free “DSUK Companion News” for the next 3 months but on a monthly basis.

This edition is therefore Issue 7 which is for July. I hope you enjoy it.

Check out the results of the YKC Online Competition.

Just click on the image to  access it.


When we launched this title at the start of Lockdown it was intended to be a Companion for the main Dog Sports UK magazine.

We will have to decide soon when we can start republishing the printed magazine again. But until we are absolutely sure the Post Office will accept it we  cannot start. And of course ideally we want some shows to be happening as well.


In the meantime this free little digital magazine will continue. Please remember it is meant for reading on smartphones, iPads, PCs, etc. And as it is FREE you can share it with friends, members of your dog club, groups, or whatever.

Lots of organisations are helping us with content covering all sorts of topics from diet to mental health. That is for your dog; diet and mental health of your dog!

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