Actually it is Cathy’s Diary of how Sarkam Twinkle Toes “Twinkle” developed from week 6 when she first moved in with Cathy to week 52 when she was ready for her first Novice round in Obedience.

Twinkle was born on 29 December 2016, bred by Sarah Jane Campbell from her lovely bitch Sarkam Fuse the Dream.

2018 saw Twinkle win her first HTM Crufts Qualifier and January the 19th 2019 saw Twinkle battling for her place in the Crufts 2019 HTM Semi Finals at the Rugby DTC HTM show.

Cathy is of course no stranger to Crufts and at times it has to be said does make it look easy.

Twinkle’s First Diary is full of tips and tricks so regardless of what activities you would like to compete in you will find some useful advice to help you establish a firm foundation for your dog.

Twinkle's First Diary