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Arthritis In Dogs

Much like humans, arthritis is a very common condition that causes stiff, painful or swollen joints. It can make moving around very difficult and uncomfortable for your pooch.


Head Vet, Sean McCormack, of dog food company says ‘to prevent arthritis in your four legged friend, keep your dog’s joints as healthy as possible by keeping them slim and giving them regular, sensible exercise.’


‘Unfortunately arthritis can’t be cured but fortunately, there are several treatment options to slow it’s progression and manage pain. Nutritional supplements or special diets tailored to your dog's needs containing omega 3 oils, glucosamine and chondroitin can be helpful.


Treatment may include painkillers, joint supplements, hydrotherapy, and even surgery - all of which will be available from your vet.’


’If you suspect arthritis in your dog, the best course of action is to visit a vet as soon as possible’.

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