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DTW E-guides

Quite often we get articles or photos submitted that there just is not room for in the monthly magazine, or just deserve a wider audience.

Instead of just forgetting this material we thought we would start a series of occasional E-guides. Occasional because we will publish them as and when they are ready. Some months there may be one, other months there may be nothing.

And because there will be no formal structure to what or when we publish, we thought we would make them free. Delivered on our usual Digital Platform you are able to download your own copy as a PDF. Because they are designed for digital distribution you can view them on a PC, Tablet or Smartphone.

On a tablet or Smartphone you should try the Adobe Acrobat Free App that lets you view PDFS. Try what is called “Liquid Mode” which is a whole new experience of looking at PDFs.

To view or download an E-Guide just click on the photo / link below.

Remember these guides are designed for sharing...

WT-E-Guide-FC 500.jpg
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