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What is Obreedience

Obreedience is a team event that highlights the abilities of different breeds in a relaxed and fun display.


Each team is comprised of four handlers and four dogs who take part in two rounds of competition.


The first section sees all four dogs complete a round of heelwork together as a group, with the dogs being assessed on their ability to complete different moves whilst remaining synchronised with their team mates.


This first round is marked out of ten points.


Round two features four set exercises, and each team member has to successfully complete one of four different exercises to secure as many points as possible for their team. The exercises include:


  • Retrieve (handler's own article),

  • Send to Bed,

  • Stop the Dog and

  • Scent Over Articles.


Round two is marked out of 40 points (10 per set exercise).

Crufts 2020 Obreedience FC .jpg
Obreedinec Crufts 2019_edited.jpg

To view the DOG SPORTS UK Obreedience Catalogue for 2020 please click on the image

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