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Dog Fleas

Fleas, no one likes them, even the thought of the pesky little bugs makes your skin crawl. Did you know, more than 95% of fleas don’t live on animals, but in wood floor crevices, carpets and soft furnishings? And they can remain alive in the cracks for up to two years.


Head Vet, Sean McCormack, of dog food company states ‘the most effective flea products are a liquid spot-on medication which is applied to the skin on the back of your dog’s neck, but application errors can be an issue with these treatments, and if it rains or your dog jumps in water the product can wash away before it has a chance to be effective.


‘Double check with your veterinarian the best course of action to tackle fleas. It's equally important to tackle the eggs and larvae in the environment as well as adult fleas on your dog. If you don't you'll never get rid of the infestation’

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