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Kennelstore Launch First-Ever Dog Kennels That Look Exactly Like Your Home


Leading manufacturer and supplier of professional kennel systems and accessories, Kennelstore, have launched their own line of bespoke dog kennels that look exactly like the average UK home.


This exciting new product comes just in time for ‘National Dog Day’ on Thursday, August 26th.


With matching dog and human trends on the rise over the last few years, Kennelstore has decided to get in on the action by offering dog pens that match the look and feel of your home. By working with a team of the best designers, you can now send across an image of your home, along with any specific requirements and Kennelstore will mock up a design of your dog's kennel that looks just like your home. Once all designs have been approved, the team at Kennelstore will begin building your custom-made kennel before delivering and fitting it for free.


If your dog dreams of its own bachelor/bachelorette pad, a retirement cottage, or even a family home for itself and its pups, Kennelstore can make this dream a reality. After all, our four-legged friends deserve it!

Andrew Jones, the spokesperson for Kennelstore, adds: “Ahead of National Dog Day on the 26th August, we wanted to create something new and exciting that no other company has created before. We frequently get customers looking for unique and bespoke products for their beloved dogs, so this year we’ve decided to take this one step further, and offer custom-made dog kennels that look exactly like your home.”


“All of our wooden kennels are designed by a team of experts to cater to your dog. So, whether you're looking for a kennel suitable for a large dog, with plenty of space for both exercise and a dog bed, or a smaller dog kennel to provide your pet with shelter, we’ll be able to create a dog kennel that suits all of your needs.”


“Our current lead time for delivery & free fitting is approx 20 weeks. Delivery surcharges are applicable to all Scottish postcodes. Prices start at £15,000”

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