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Dog Sports UK

Monthly A4 Colour Magazine. Available by subscription this magazine covers the world of competitive dog sports, including Obedience, HTM (Heelwork to Music), Obreedience.

General features / Show Reports / News / Announcements

Available in Print and Digital Formats.

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A selection of catalogues is published each year for various competitions.

The next catalogues will be for Crufts 2022

Further details of those catalogues can be found here


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2020 FC.png

HTM & Freestyle 2020

RRP £15

The complete results, including competitor and judge profiles, for the Heelwork to Music (HTM), Freestyle and International Freestyle dog dancing competitions held at Crufts 2020. Complete judges reports with pictures of every team competing including the Young Kennel Club (YKC) HTM results. Also included are the semi-final results and pictures with the definitive guide to past winners.

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HTM & Freestyle 2020 FC.jpg

Let’s Dance…Starters to Stardom

Gina Pink

RRP £14.99

Gina first took part in the Coventry 1997 demonstration with my dog “Whizz” performing to “Forever Autumn” by Justin Hayward. She has continued to compete in Heelwork to Music ever since and only missed one Coventry show since 1997. Outside of the competition ring Gina became the second person in the UK to become an HTM Kennel Club Accredited Trainer at Advanced Level. She has also enjoyed a number of brilliant television opportunities with the dogs including being a trainer on the Richard & Judy Show; demonstrating on the Under Dog Show with Tapper to Ain’t That a Kick In the Head and the following year being asked to be an Under Dog Show Trainer to two celebrities on the Show. Gina loved the opportunity to put together a group routine for the British Animals Awards Show with Paul O’Grady in 2013. Today Gina still competes in competition obedience with her dogs but felt the need to contribute to the growing success of Heelwork to Music.

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Let's Dance Starters to Stardom.jpg

Twinkle’s First Diary

Cathy Bates

RRP £11.99

Cathy Bates competes in both “Obedience”, and “HTM and Freestyle” or “Dog Dancing” as it is known. When the UK “Top HTM and Freestyle” award was launched in 2016 Cathy won the inaugural competition with her dog “Sybil” RUSKATH LYRICAL IMAGE. Sybil won again in 2017. However, 2018 saw Sybil again winning this prize although regrettably posthumously as Sybil died suddenly on 10 September that year. “Twinkle” SARKAM TWINKLE TOES had however entered the Bates household, on 11 February 2017. “Twinkle’s First Diary” covers the period up to the 29 December 2017 and Cathy shows how she has taught Twinkle over 50 commands covering the basic requirements for both Obedience and Dog Dancing. Cathy has now written Twinkle’s Second Diary, and during 2019 Twinkle was part of Team GB competing at the FCI World (HTM) Dog Dancing Championships.

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Twinkle's First Diary.jpg

Twinkle’s Second Diary

Cathy Bates

RRP £12.54

“Twinkle’s Second Diary” covers 2018 but goes up to March 8, 2019 when Twinkle competed at Crufts in the UK HTM Competition. November 2019 saw Twinkle competing as part of Team GB, in Stuttgart, in HTM at the FCI World Dog Dancing Championships. For such a young dog these are remarkable achievements. Twinkle's Second Diary continues the story started in Twinkle's First Diary.

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Twinkle's Second Diary .jpg
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