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Medical Detection Dogs training to detect COVID-19

The Royal Canin Foundation is helping to fund ground-breaking research by the UK charity Medical Detection Dogs, which could play a vital role in preventing further spread of the pandemic in future.


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RAZOR makes obedience history

First Kelpie to win Obedience Champion title

He wins two Obedience Certificates in two days

Cories Ray of Sunshine, known at home as Razor and listed on The Kennel Club’s activity register as an Australian Kelpie, recently made history when he won his Obedience Champion title. He is owned by Nina Whitnell of Colchester, Essex.


Razor the Kelpie wins Obedience title. Photo courtesy of The Kennel Club.jpg

Kennelstore Launch First-Ever Dog Kennels That Look Exactly Like Your Home


Leading manufacturer and supplier of professional kennel systems and accessories, Kennelstore, have launched their own line of bespoke dog kennels that look exactly like the average UK home.


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Throughout September Canine Arthritis Management are going to be celebrating the arthritic dog with their annual CAM Big Walks fundraiser! So much of having an arthritic dog is things they can’t do and CAM intends to change that with a 30 day series of emails taking owners on an imaginary adventure exploring different environments and looking for all the little things that make these places so exciting for an arthritic dog. Each email will include soundbites from experts and CAM founder Hannah Capon herself, as well as lots of tips and advice. Join in with a Bingo card style daily activity from picking up litter to going for a moonlit walk, simple things that help create a more interactive walk.



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